Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing We’re North America’s leader in onsite production and
streaming of Live Event Webcasts
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Dedicated Event Manager functions as your primary point of
contact and manages internal Reach resources
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Dedicated Webcast Producer manages the event from the
Network Operations Center or onsite using a Portable Webcast
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Trained Audio/Video Technicians work with the onsite
personnel to ensure the signal leaving your auditorium or
boardroom is of the highest quality
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Live Event Webcast is archived for those who want to
“re-experience” the excitement, or for those who missed it the
first time



In an increasingly competitive and fragmented marketplace, establishing and maintaining your competitive advantage isn’t optional – it’s mandatory. And one of the key ways you can ensure that your business remains above the crowd and apart from the ordinary is through Reach Webcasting’s Live Event Webcasts solution.

Reach Webcasting Live Event Webcasts are a remarkably cost effective and powerfully advanced way for your business to address large audiences and make a memorable impact online. They allows virtual audience members to hear the feedback of those in the room with the presenter, and interact with the speaker through features built into the webcast interface.

Our trained professional team will handle everything to ensure that your Live Event Webcast reflects the world class standards you want, and the efficient, convenient operation you demand. You simply focus on delivering your important message, and leave everything else to us – the production, the web broadcast, and the details. We’ll handle everything from conception through to completion, and guide you every step of the way.

Reach Webcasting can facilitate your Live Event Webcast event remotely through telephone, video conference connection or satellite.

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