Web Conferencing

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Incredibly easy to use
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Dedicated account managers
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Not set up fees for new moderators or accounts
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing No cancellation fees
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Reliable, cost effective and convenient
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Intuitive interface is easy to use – no training required
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing We can brand the interface with your own colors, fonts and
product names
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Integration allows for use of same codes as our Audio
Conferencing Solutions
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Usage reports available at both Web Admin and Customer
Self-Serve sites
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Increase productivity with enterprise-wide collaboration
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Maintain security and compliance
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Customize and extend the user interface
Key Benefits of Reach Conferencing Optimize scalability, performance, and usage

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing technology has profoundly changed how the business world communicates. And with our Reach Web Conferencing solution, it’s never been easier, quicker and more affordable to connect with people and partners around the world — without the hassles and expense of traveling.

Reach Conferencing Unified Meeting service is the right choice for 95% of your conversations. It’s easy to use and perfect for everyday meetings. Learn more about hosting online meetings with Reach Conferencing Unified Meeting.

Purchase any web conferencing service through us and you’ll receive integrated audio conferencing, a single invoice and global support. Your audio and web accounts are combined, so it’s easy to schedule and join meetings with a few clicks.

Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro

Acrobat Connect Pro helps you grab your audience’s attention by providing easy viewing and sharing of rich media files. The elegant interface and interactive features of Acrobat Connect Pro make it easier to keep your audience engaged, ensuring that they work more productively and retain more knowledge.

With Acrobat Connect Pro grab your audience’s attention with features like:

  • Superior flexibility and customization
  • Screen sharing
  • Brainstorming on a whiteboard
  • Universal Voice and VoIP
  • Chat with instant messaging
  • Breakout rooms for focused discussions
  • Surveys and polls
  • Video and interactive media

Acrobat Connect Pro is based on the Adobe Flash® Player, which is already installed on more than 98% of computers worldwide. That means just about anyone can instantly access meetings without the hassle of software downloads—even your audience members operating in a software lockdown environment.

Use Acrobat Connect Pro for:

  • Customized eLearning sessions
  • Media-rich sales and marketing communications
  • Compliance and regulatory driven meetings

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, provided by Reach Conferencing, is the ultimate collaborative platform for your day-to-day business communication needs. Engage your participants by sharing a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrating software, showing web site navigation and transferring files. Reservationless-Plus integration allows you to control the audio portion of your meeting directly from within the web interface.

With WebEx Meeting Center, you can:

  • Share anything on your desktop with your participants to instantly make decisions, streamline project meetings and conduct more effective live demos.
  • Schedule your meeting in a few short steps with Quick Scheduler. Choose from the saved meeting templates you have created or use the Advance Scheduler to edit meeting features and access additional options.
  • Record and edit your presentation before providing the recorded meeting link for employees to access.

Increase the effectiveness and productivity of your meetings by making faster, more accurate business decisions every day.

Use WebEx Meeting Center for:

  • Collaborating on a product plans
  • Presenting weekly sales meetings with added visuals
  • Sharing sales and financial projections
  • Annotating technical documents

LotusLive: Meetings

IBM LotusLive: Meetings is a powerful, yet simple to use tool for securely displaying and orchestrating real-time presentations on the Internet. It provides the most common features needed for web presentations and requires minimal training and support. With LotusLive: Meetings, you can quickly share anything on your computer with people anywhere in the world. Experience conferencing using just a web browser with LotusLive: Meetings. It brings you a streamlined, collaborative online meeting without requiring participant downloads.

With LotusLive: Meetings, you can:

  • Set up and attend conferences with one permanent meeting code.
  • Access meetings anytime and from anywhere through your web browser.
  • Store and save presentations, documents and polls online in your own content library.
  • Schedule online meetings in Outlook® or Lotus Notes® for easy invitations and one-click entry.

You can pull together a web conference at the last minute or easily plan an online presentation for hundreds- all with the same account. LotusLive: Meetings integrates web and videocasting. Just add Reach Conferencing Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing for a full featured online web meeting in no time at all.

Use LotusLive: Meetings to:

  • Bring remote and mobile teams together
  • Deliver quarterly reporting
  • Track feedback from participants

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting, offered by Reach Conferencing is a web conferencing service that lets you host interactive, collaborative meetings by showing presentations, software and web sites. Using Office Live Meeting, you can mute and unmute lines and dial out to additional participants from the web interface. Microsoft Office integration, custom slides, reporting tools, recording and printing to PDF are just a few of the features Live Meeting offers to help you make the most of your meeting.

With Live Meeting, you can:

  • Manage your audio portion of your meeting online with the click of a mouse from your Live Meeting interface.
  • Create custom slides by adding text, whiteboard, web pages, polling or snapshots to your PowerPoint® slide deck.
  • Give everyone instant access to the materials being discussed so they can save and print the presentation content—no more waiting to distribute your pertinent conference information.

Making everyday meetings interactive and engaging is a challenge when you are conducting them solely over the phone. This flexible tool can be configured to suit the needs of your conference—no matter what size or type.

Use Live Meeting for:

  • Hosting product release webinars
  • Delivering follow-up sales presentations
  • Conducting corporate initiative meetings

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