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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro
software gives you the ability to captivate your audience with interactive web meetings and virtual classroom experiences that are like nothing they’ve ever experienced before
Easily create and deliver compelling self-paced courses, conduct highly interactive virtual classes, and efficiently manage training programs
Let Adobe products help you take your LMS to new levels. Combined with an LMS, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and Adobe Presenter provide the most complete, collaborative solution for any organization’s eLearning needs.
Abobe Acrobat Connect Pro Overview

Audio Conferencing

Please see below for the complete list of * touch features available on your Reach reservationless conference call

Helpful Keypad Commands
*0 Operator assistance – conference
00 Operator assistance – individual
*1 Dial-out to a participant – leader only
*2 Begin/end conference record – leader only
#2 Leave and join a new conference
*3 Change entry/exit method (recorded names, tones, silence) – leader only
*4 Private roll call
*5/#5 Mute/unmute all participant lines – leader only
*6/#6 Mute/unmute your own line
*7/#7 Lock/unlock conference (including operator) – leader only
*8 Allow/disallow conference continuation – leader only
*9 Start/join sub-conferencing
11 Third-party conference start – bypass hold music to start call as leader
*31 Change leader entry/exit announcement – leader only
*51/#51 Lecture mode on/off – leader only
*60/*61 Music on hold off/on
#64 Return to leader account menu
#99 Disconnect all lines except leader’s – leader only
*# Participant count
** List available keypad commands