WEB CONFERENCING: Could It Impact Your Business?

Web conferencing is no longer a technical novelty reserved for large enterprises. Simpler on-demand solutions for Web conferencing are increasingly attractive to small and  mid-size companies especially since security concerns and bandwidth requirements are not the limitations they once were. Twenty-four percent more households have high-speed  broadband today than they did in 2004. The technology of web conferencing is constantly evolving and this growth is reducing costs.


Available statistics on total use of audio and web conferencing market in the US shows it growing from 1.5 billion users in 2009 to a projected $2.7 billion in 2014. Web conferencing has become a mainstream application in North America and is poised for strong growth in Europe.

For a short time, there may have been a question whether to use it or not, but in today`s economy the question is not `Yes” or “No” to using web conferencing but rather, “What can it do for my business?”


Today’s economy presents the most difficult business environment in decades. Fortunately, web conferencing provides a cost-saving solution that can actually improve operational efficiencies while reducing costs. Well-run meetings are always more effective when they are preceded by good preparation, detailed planning and effective followed regardless of whether they are held face-to-face or online. You will no doubt have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of web conferencing for your particular business. Don’t overlook these:

  • In web meetings, employees can actively collaborate, making teams more effective. 24-7 access makes input ongoing and not limited by constraints of timing, cost and logistics of the entire team.
  • Companies can use web conferencing to take advantage of cutting edge marketing opportunities like social networking. There is growing support for the benefits of talking the talk.

Regardless of size, the previously considered benefits make web conferencing a tool to use in your business growth strategy. For smaller businesses there are additional reasons such as:

  • To gain immediate advantage in the constant battle to achieve bottom-line results with minimal resources.
  • Gives small businesses the capability to impact local and global economies as never before possible.
  • Provides ability to include and involve more people without travel costs
  • Enables users to solve problems that they did not have time or input to solve before


An advantage that may win over some skeptics is the environmental benefit of reduced travel. In addition to travel cost reduction, web conferencing results in greenhouse gas reduction, since both airline and automobile fuels are culprits. Business travel can account for as much as 50% of a company’s carbon footprint. For corporations that have adopted a “green” marketing strategy, web conferencing can be an important component.


Web conferencing can provide verbatim recording of everything that was said in a meeting. In today’s fast paced business place this makes updating and sharing information, both accurate and timely.

The many advantages of web conferencing argue for a serious look, and economic conditions argue for doing it now.

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