Web Conferencing and Project Management – A Working Team!

Let’s start by making sure that we agree on exactly what web conferencing is and how it works. In addition to online video chats, messaging, VoIP or IM you have the ability to chat in real-time, talk to participants via phone conference, mark-up whatever document is being viewed and share desktop workspace controls.

  • Ease of Use
    Setting up a web conference couldn’t be easier. It only takes a matter of minutes to setup the date/time, description and location, phone conferencing options and users who will be notified for the meeting. While web conferencing may be a powerful business and collaboration tool, it certainly is easy enough to use for anyone.
  • View, Edit and Share Documents Online
    Sharing and manipulating virtually any type of document or program via web conference is one of its greatest features. For instance, you can share a Word file with your editor, or look over an Excel file with your accounting department. And you, or any other authorized participant, can make edits to these files when necessary. Additionally, you can view and share any programs, training materials or presentations with any conference participant.
  • Share Your Desktop
    During a web conference, you have the option of allowing remote access to your computer’s desktop to any of the other participants. Likewise, they can give authorized access to their desktops as well. This is a powerful feature that allows you to manipulate documents as if you had the document on your own local computer. This streamlines document management by virtually eliminating the need to email revised versions of documents back and forth several times.  Instead, edits can be made in real-time between team members via the  conference.
  • Setup Remote Offices around the World
    The whole idea of a web conference is centered on the idea of more efficient collaboration, and so it is an exceptionally useful tool for companies looking to expand worldwide. A company could have an office in China, one in the UK, and one in the US, and they can all collaborate on projects as if they were in the same office together.
    Even smaller businesses can benefit from global online collaboration by expanding the reach of the small business worldwide. For instance, a small business can collaborate with international suppliers, work with manufacturers in different countries, and make a presentation to a potential client and much more all from the business’s home office. Web conferencing allows you to invite anyone you choose to attend the meeting, so your options are seemingly endless.
  • Let’s Meet Again…. and Again
    Say for instance you have a weekly team meeting on Monday mornings via web conference. You can setup automatic recurring meetings that have all of the participant’s information, time of the conference, phone conferencing options and all other settings pre-filled for you. This saves time and effort on your part, which helps to boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Seeing and Hearing.  Input to Output at your Fingertips.
    With phone conversation or face to face meetings or briefings, there is still the revising and reviewing of the material, the updates and the forwarding of information.  With Web conferencing everyone works together and the end of the conference has the potential to have much of the work already completed. This fast and easy collaboration means you can move projects, especially in the early planning stages, along quickly. Reference materials, data files and the Internet build effective reference materials, without the stop and start and one-to-one meetings required by less inclusive methods.

In many ways web conferencing is even better than sitting in the same room to hold a meeting.  With the right planning, procedure and follow-up focus and participation is unparalleled using this technology.  It works!

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