How Does Web Conferencing Link To Your Corporate Vision?

Every company wanting to operate faster, reduce expenses, reach out to the growing global marketplace and of course all as inexpensively as possible.  So how do managers and executives accomplish that without decreasing quality, customer satisfaction, and employee moral? More and more, they are relying upon virtual presentations, which have the added being more convenience for both speaker and the audience.

Fully utilizing virtual presentations can provide organizations with an enormous return on their investment, and link very closely with their corporate strategy.  There are documented cases in which virtual presentations and web conferencing have reduced decision making cycles from several months to just 10 days and secured a 235 percent return on their investment (ROI) in just two years (Frost & Sullivan 2005).

While many organizations think of the ability to use virtual presentations and web conferencing to reduce costs there are also many other benefits, including:

  • Levelling the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses.
    The internet has changed the global marketplace.  It is one thing to send your message out to the world, but another to have valuable two-way communication with these new prospects. Web Conferencing and Virtual Presentations enable small and medium-sized businesses to increase their territory drastically.  They now have the ability to provide far-flung customers and business partners with high-touch experience at a low-touch price. This levels the playing field and gives companies of all shapes and sizes the ability to compete on equal footing.
  • Shortening decision making.
    In today’s fast-paced and geographically dispersed business world, most important decisions are made by groups.  Fitting travel time into already busy schedules is not only costly but in-efficient. Using web conferencing and virtual presentations takes travel time out of the equation, making it easier for people to meet sooner and make decisions faster.
  • Reducing time to market.
    Web conferencing and virtual presentations simply enable everything to operate faster.  In product development environments, where time is more valuable than money, this reduction in time reduces time to market.
  • More efficient use of managers’ and executives’’ time.
    If key members of your management team are constantly having to attend meetings and making presentations outside the office of the office, they are not making best use of all their time.  Rather than waste company time and money on traveling and leaves less time to effectively put out the fires back at the office.  Doing so over a Blackberry is inefficient and challenging.
  • Enabling richer and faster communication.
    Unlike conferencing calling alone, web conferencing and virtual presentations increase business professionals’ ability to communicate faster.  They provide people with the ability to share not only voice and text, but also PowerPoint presentations, multimedia, documents, and the contents of their screens.  All this with employees and business partners across the city, country or around the world.
  • Troubleshooting IT and Client problems cost-effectively.
    Resolving information technology problems or client technical challenges effectively typically requires either substantial expense on the part of the provider to travel to the customer location or a great deal of patience on the part of the customer to work with support resources in different states or countries. Virtual presentations can provide both providers and customers with the best of both worlds.  Remote resources can extend high-quality support cost-effectively by allowing those providing the support to use virtual presentation tools to see what the customer is seeing while they are working through computer problems.
  • Accommodating the needs of your employees.
    Some employees or potential employees may not want to, or find it impossible to drive to work.  They may be disabled or have a family at home that they want to spend more time with.  Using web conferencing and virtual presentation technologies, these employees can work as productively from home offices as they would from a standard office.

While many companies think of web conferencing and virtual presentation technologies as a way to save cost, they really have not leveraged the power of these technologies to take their company to new heights. For many they have looked at these technologies as a cheap less personal ways to do meetings than they have been doing currently.  It is those companies that embrace the total package that web conferencing and virtual presentations provide that will lead their organizations to great heights.

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