Events & Seminars

Events & Seminars

Events and seminars that establish a personal connection with your employees, prospects, partners is
vital for building trust, conveying quality information, cultivating a beneficial relationship, and ultimately, moving your business successfully forward.

However, conventional event and seminar methods are extremely inconvenient and, often, cost prohibitive.
Trying to co-locate participants in a single space can be impossible – not to mention unbelievably frustrating.
It can also be doomed to failure, since so many logistical variables (e.g. travel schedules, etc.) need to fall in line in order for the effort to be a success.

Fortunately, our Reach Conferencing solutions offers a number of powerful, proven and cost-effective event and seminar production solutions that save you time and money – while improving performance
and results. Through Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro, we enable your employees and other event/seminar
attendees to see, contribute, interact and engage speakers, trainers and other presenters.

Quite simply, with Reach Conferencing, it’s not just “like being there” for your employees and other attendees – it’s better, because we offer a variety of enhanced technological tools that make the event or seminar fun, memorable and most importantly: successful!

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